What You Need to Know When Looking for Folding Glass Room Dividers

The folding glass room dividers at Go Glass not only create separate, clearly delineated spaces in your home or office, they also allow you to create a sense of privacy and elegance that isn’t always possible with traditional partitioning methods.

If you’re looking for a way to make your space more functional without sacrificing its sense of openness and flow, then our folding glass room dividers are the perfect solution for you. Our dividers come in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can choose the look that best fits your style or décor. Whether it’s an antique brass finish on clear glass, or a frosted finish in black lacquer, we’ve got something that will suit your needs.

We Can Create a Custom Room Divider to Fit You Needs

With our innovative folding glass room dividers, you can create a custom room divider to fit any space. These dividers get crafted from the highest quality materials for the best in durability and performance.

Folding glass room dividers are ideal for spaces that require more flexibility. Each of these custom-built dividers can fold in on itself to fit within smaller spaces. We can also expand them to provide a wide, sturdy divider.

At Go Glass, Our folding glass room dividers get made using thick, tempered safety glass with high-quality fittings. The result is a durable and sturdy divider that can get folded without worry of damage.

Our Team Can Make Your Workplace More Open

If you want your office to look more open, use folding glass room dividers. These are made of high quality glass, and they allow light to pass through while still offering a visual barrier between spaces.

Office dividers come in different types, but you want to be sure that the ones you choose are going to work well with your space. Glass is the perfect material because it lets light through and creates an open feeling in the room. You can also choose from different colors or styles depending on what kind of look you’re going for.

With these dividers, your office will feel bigger than ever before! And best of all: they’re easy to install so there’s no need for an expensive contractor!

We Provide Space Management Solutions

Have you ever had a client walk in and think, “Wow—I wish I didn’t have to see the mess that’s happening behind that wall over there?” Or have you ever been to a conference and thought, “Ugh—I can hear everything going on in the break room from here?” With the folding glass room divider from Go Glass, you never have to experience either of those situations again.

Invented by an engineer turned parent who just wanted to keep track of his kids during naptime, the folding glass room divider is a unique solution for anyone who’s looking for more privacy at work or at home. It works simply: just open up one of our lightweight dividers, position it wherever you want, and lock it into place. Done!

Need to make more space? Just push the divider back into its original position. It folds down easily and is designed not to leave any marks on your walls or floors.

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