Network Audits Onsite Support

Network audits have become critical in today’s business environment. Data loss has become one of the most common concerns that businesses have – what may seem like a small breach can lead to massive losses of data that may result in lawsuits. It is very important to ensure that you have your IT network audited on a regular basis.
A network audit is an extensive process that will involve review of your WAN and LAN, your firewalls, web filters, email security and antivirus, removal of malware and reviews of updates. If you have any offsite operations they will also be reviewed so that any weaknesses can be pointed out and corrected. The auditors will also talk to your employees to find out how they interact with the system and any particular challenges that they may be facing as well as any suggestions they may have for smoother and safer operations. If you but a comprehensive package your employees will be trained on the different kinds of threats that exist and how to identify and avoid them.
As you choose an IT audit firm there are some important qualities that you should look for. The first is experience – there are some threats that one will not get from training, but only from coming face to face with them. An experienced audit firm will be able to pick out these threats and eliminate them. The best IT audit firms have the necessary tools to make sure that they can point out all threats and eliminate them. If you need any specialized tools you can discuss whether you would like to buy them for your company, or whether the audit firm should buy and lease to you.
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