Mobile Crane Companies

What does it take to find the right mobile crane hire company in Suffolk? If you choose the first one that you come across odds are that your project will not go as smoothly as you would like – you may experience equipment failure, poor customer service, padded bills and worse, you may have accidents on site. Choosing a crane hire company requires that you do your due diligence – you are dealing with very heavy equipment and there is always a chance that an accident could occur which could leave you heavily liable.
One important thing to look into before you hire a crane is whether the company you have in mind has enough equipment. If an operation has only 2 or 3 cranes it means that there is very little time between clients to service their machinery. An improperly serviced crane on your site could lead to problems that will slow down your project or worse.
You should also look into whether the company has had complaints levelled against them in the past. Customer service is an important part of crane hire – if there is a problem on site someone should be standing by to help resolve it. Talk to other contractors and people in the business and if you hear negative comments you may want to seek out another crane hire company.
Your quote will also tell you something about the kind of crane hire company that you are dealing with. A good crane hire company will first come to your site and do an assessment of your project. It helps determine what kind of crane is required and also how best to bill you. If they don’t provide an itemized quote it could be because they have hidden fees.
RJ Crane Hire is one of the best crane hire companies in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, and you will not go wrong if you choose them.

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