Learning is a continual process in life. There are two types of education; one that you are taught in school by teachers and the other you acquire in life through the different experiences you go through. Education given in school is fundamental as it enables you to handle life challenges well. As we are so many in the world, we have to lean to coexist together. This would be very difficult if we did not understand, respect and communicate with each other. The only way we can do this is by living together, being patient and willing to learn each other’s culture. Boarding schools teach students how to live peacefully together as brothers and sisters. These students are brought together for the purpose of education and have to love each other as well as remain peaceful.

Cambridge Center for sixth-form students is a boarding school that is rated one of the best in the world. It admits 200 students every year from UK and all over the world for secondary education. It equips students with education before progressing to the universities. It has been noted that most of these students get extremely good results that exceed their expectations. This is attributed to small class sizes, excellent qualified tutors and hardworking students.

The subject choices that range from international business to law and medicine make CCSS the best learning institution for academic excellence. Graduates from CCSS have managed to get A+ grade enabling them to get admissions to the best universities in UK including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and LSE among many others.

CCSS has two central teaching sites and five boarding residences. They are located in the center of Cambridge a few minutes apart and you can access the Cambridge city center by foot, bike or car. The campus is a million miles away from a traditional school environment and reflect its style and ethos; great quality and purposeful. The teaching building has specialist laboratories for sciences, well equipped study rooms and a full suite for visual arts. The boarding houses have 130 attractive fully supported single rooms which are en suite. They also benefit from superfast broadband fibre providing access links with friends and family. It also assists in downloads for academic materials and studies.

For students who want to achieve academic excellence, CCSS is the only school that will give you that. Visit their site to get more details of a level boarding schools in UK at:

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