Sonicwall Training

You have invested thousands of pounds in security systems but you are not able to use them because your employees have no idea how they work. This is a common problem in small business. Owners invest in equipment to help secure emails and other data and they assume that it will be easy to use. You shouldn’t assume that your in-house IT team will be familiar with all the systems in the market. It is important to make sure that they are included in the purchasing process and that they are properly trained.
Unfortunately not all vendors provide the necessary training for the units that they sell. Their core business is sales – it is up to the customer to find training for his or her employees. There are some, though not many who provide a comprehensive package. They will sell you security systems, install them, provide on-going support and also make sure that your employees are trained.
The secret to making sure that your business systems are secure at all times is to find a vendor who can provide all these services. They will charge you extra for each additional service they provide but it is money well spent. The best vendors partner with IT agencies that are experts in security. Once you buy the devices and pay for training and other services the partner steps in to make sure that your employees know how to use the system. They provide additional training when it is required and they are on hand whenever there is a problem.
One such vendor in Cambridge is Sonicwall Shop. They sell a wide variety of security solutions and their partner, Breathe Technology, is on hand to make sure that your employees are properly trained. You can find out more about Sonicwall Shop on

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