Sash Window Refurbishment

Finding a sash window repair company in Cambridgeshire is not as easy as it sounds – if you look online you will find nearly 90,000 results. Many people get overwhelmed and choose the first sash window repair company that they come across. Unfortunately, this can go very wrong as not all these companies are very good. You should take the time and find a company that can get the job done. Here are some tips to guide you:

•    Experience with sash windows – do not assume that just because a company is good with windows and glass they will be able to handle sash windows – some companies hardly ever deal with these kinds of windows. You should be looking for one that has experience specifically with sash windows.

•    Ask the company to show you photographs of work that they have done in the past. You should pay particular attention to the finish and fixtures. The company should be able to repair your sash windows while maintaining the design of the windows in your home.

•    If your windows are not yet eco-friendly part of refurbishment should include installing double glazing. It will lower your power bills and make your home less drafty thus more comfortable.

•    Make sure you choose a company that has insurance and is licensed so that in case of any injuries you may not be held liable.

•    Do you get a guarantee of workmanship? In case the work is not to the promised standards you will need it to be repeated for free.

•    Be wary of companies that are all about the sales pitch. A good sash repair company will let its work speak for itself.

One company that is all these things and more is Salmons Bros. Limited. They are highly experienced in sash window repair and they work fast.

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