Top Boys Boarding School

The Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies is one of the top boys boarding school in the UK. With plenty of daytime and semester boarding options, we truly offer the educational experience of a lifetime. With a diverse faculty and student body, we help students achieve their educational goals with free thinking and life development skills. Our classes are also smaller, which helps ensure subject mastery and personalized tuition for all domestic and international students. CCSS is a fully accredited higher learning institution for high school students – locate in the heart of beautiful Cambridge.
The CCSS Difference
CCSS offers college entrance exam prep for all university-bound students. Similarly, we celebrate diversity with social gatherings and cultural events. This is a great way to make new and lasting friendships, while meeting fellow students that share the same passions and interests in education and higher learning. At CCSS, we continue to receive stellar industry ratings and student reviews. We also feature keynote speakers from across a myriad of industries, along with flexible class schedules and coursework designed to enhance your educational skills.
CCSS Boarding Options
CCSS features plenty of boarding options for male and female students. Each boarding house is maintained by fully equipped staffs that are committed to helping students at every turn. Similarly, our team members help international students assimilate, along with domestic high school students of all educational skill levels. Here are some of the boarding options we have at CCSS:
• St. Barnabas Residence – Victorian Villa with Stables, Scholars House; a more collegiate environment.
• Hope House – locate near the University Botanic Garden.
If you are ready for an educational experience of a lifetime, simply visit CCSS’ website to learn more about our classes, coursework and schedules today.
For more information on CCSS, simply contact us today or visit:

3 Benefits To Using A Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

When it comes to heating your home, you have several options. However, these options are not all created equal. Choosing the right heating source may not seem like something that is at the top of your priority list. Most people heat their homes just fine using standard methods and using ones that are most common in their area. The problem with this is that they end up inadequately heating their homes and racking up insane electric bills. For this reason, it is recommended that you use a monobloc air source heat pump. There are many benefits to using this type of heating. Below is a list of three benefits to using an air source heat pump.
Benefits of Using A Air Source Heat Pump
Environmentally Friendly
Massive Reduction In Electric Bill
Easy Installation and Maintenance
Environmentally Friendly
One of the biggest benefits of using a monobloc air source heat pump is just how eco-friendly they are. They use heat that is extracted from cold air to heat your home. Because of this, there are little to no carbon emissions are given off. This is the only type of heat pump that can easily heat your entire house without having an environmental footprint.
Massive Reduction In Electric Bill
For those who do not care about being eco-friendly, you can at least care about your electric bill. Everyone is looking to save money and this is one of the absolute best ways. Over the course of time, you can save tens of thousands of dollars just by switching to a monobloc air source heat pump.
Easy Installation and Maintenance
The first question that most people have when it comes to this is about how easy it’s going to be to install and maintain. These types of heat pumps rarely break down and need maintenance. This is a huge benefit to those who are not well-versed in handyman work.

Medical Marketing Scientific PR

Scientific marketing and PR for your medical firm is not something that you should take lightly. You may have made the greatest discoveries but if you don’t have a way to market them they are of no use to you; further yet, they are of no use to the mass market for whom you created them in the first place. You must not confuse medical marketing and PR with ordinary marketing. A medial PR firm comes with some special qualities that you wouldn’t find in other PR firms.
A good medical firm employs marketers who have a strong science background. They are not practising scientists but they understand different fields of medical science. Why is this important? One reason why so many scientific discoveries remain unknown to the world at large is that they are not explained in a way that others can understand. Scientific jargon is not for the average person. You may have the most wonderful discovery but if you can’t explain it it remains of no value. A marketer in a scientific marketing firm knows how to distil the language for the masses.
The other benefit of hiring a medical marketing scientific PR company is that they know all the stakeholders who can help make you a success. You cannot market scientific products through the channels that you use for ordinary products. You need to find companies that are interested in your discovery and who are in a position to sell it on to others. A good science PR firm will know all the right companies and they will also be in touch with the right media houses to help you become a success.
One such agency is KDM Communications. They are based in Cambridgeshire and they have worked with some of the biggest scientific companies in Europe. You can find out to get in touch with them through

Glass Partitions

You have been tasked with finding an installer of glass partitions for your office and are wondering where to start. You shouldn’t worry too much – there are many glass partition companies in Cambridge but since you want to get the best there are certain qualities that you should look out for. You may want to start by finding out which of the companies you have in  mind are able to do glass partitions of Cambridge offices – some only specialize in home partitions which tend to be smaller.
Once you have narrowed down your list you can stop talking to each company to see what they have to offer. Office glass partitions can be clear, etched or fogged – it is up to you to decide which finish will work best for your office. Many offices choose etched or fogged glass as it allows each employee some level of privacy. You they also come in different sizes – the length and height will differ from company to company so choose one which offers the exact specifications that you are looking for.
It is important to do some comparison shopping before you sign any contracts. While some glass partition companies have excellent designs, their prices can be prohibitive. You should look for a company that you can afford and that is willing to offer you a discount.
Installation of all the partitions will take a while and because you don’t want any disruptions during office hours you should be looking for a glass shop that is willing to work after hours and o weekends. Make sure that you get a good warranty and that they are available for maintenance.
Try Go Glass – they have some of the best glass partitions in Cambridge and they offer a high level of expertise. You can get in touch with them through their website,

Adults in Nappies

Independence Ltd. in the UK features Bambinex Washable Adult Nappies. These products are great for customers dealing with incontinence issues. This includes lack of ability to control urination and defecation at work or home.  If you deal with these issues, there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. However, you need re-usable, washable adult nappies that are a great alternative to waterproof pants. With these adult nappies, you no longer have to worry about frustrating night-time changes. Simply access our adult nappies product page for detailed information.
The Benefits of Adult Nappies
Independence Ltd. adult nappies continue to receive stellar customer reviews and industry ratings. In fact, you are guaranteed to sleep through the night uninterrupted with garment changes. You will also stay-dry, while protecting your skin as well. These popular adult nappies are available in waist sizes 19 t 75″ for optimal comfort and convenience. They are also machine-washable up to 80° Celsius. Our adult nappies have amazing absorbency and leakage control throughout the day and night. They also keep your skin, clothing and bed lines dry, while controlling odors as well.
Bambinex  Adult Nappies feature micro-fiber lining that wicks liquids away for a stay-dry feeling. With easily adjustable Velcro fasteners at the waist, you can control your comfort settings with every use.
Live an Incontinence Free Life
While we cannot cure incontinence, our products are designed to make your life easier. From disposable pads to adult nappies, we can truly help you live an incontinence-free lifestyle. If you suffer from these urination issues, hope is always available. You can easily contact us today so we can help you find the right products to meet all your needs. Similarly, you can browse our website and review the many incontinence products we offer at cost-affordable prices.
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Cost of Private Hearing Aids

As soon as you find out that you need hearing aids you will want to find out how much they will cost you. In the UK you have two options – you can get them from the NHS or you can use a private practitioner. Many people wonder why anyone would choose to go to a private specialist for something that you can get the government to pay for. The reason why so many people choose private audiologists is because they don’t have to wait – they can be seen right away and fitted with the right hearing aids.
The NHS is backed up; even in fields like audiology where you wouldn’t expect there to be long queues they are there. Often people have to wait for months before they can be fitted with the right hearing devices. Many people also complain that the doctor doesn’t spend enough time with them talking about how they can cope with their new condition. Do not blame the NHS doctor for this – they try to do a lot with the little time that they have. One a given day they may have to see dozens of patients, so it is not feasible that they spend hours with each of them.
This is why many people would rather pay for a private audiologist. Their clinics usually have several highly qualified professionals working at all times so that there are no queues – many times patients can be seen the day after they call for an appointment. The doctors in these clinics are able to spend time with their patients to discuss their treatment options and coping mechanisms that they can use to make life a little easier.
Among these clinics Chear comes highly recommended; it is one of the best audiologist private clinics in the UK and they are affordable. You can find out how to get in touch with them on their website,

Opticians Peterborough

The Popularity of Glasses Today
The individuals who have to get glasses for the first time are sometimes worried about it. They might worry about taking care of their new glasses. Some people are old enough to remember the days where there was a minor stigma associated with wearing glasses.
In most parts of the world today, that stigma has entirely vanished. Lots of people believe that glasses are stylish now. It’s common for attractive television characters to wear glasses, and people often believe that the glasses will add to the character’s attractiveness. The Millennial generation is known for wearing glasses with thick and noticeable frames. Some people will wear glasses even if they don’t need them, just because glasses have become so fashionable these days. This isn’t going to change.

People who weren’t born in the twentieth century don’t even really remember the slight stigma that once came with wearing glasses, and they aren’t picking it up from the older generations. Most of the culture has adapted, and the people who get glasses today will be surrounded by people reacting positively to their glasses. Picking out a first pair of glasses can be a lot of fun today, especially when there are more or less no drawbacks associated with it.
The styles associated with glasses do not change all that often, so people are not going to have to worry about their glasses becoming outdated. They can keep them as long as they want them and as long as they need them. They should have fun with them, especially since the right pair of glasses can enhance and improve a person’s facial features. Seeing clearly again is its own reward, and people will certainly appreciate that when they get new glasses. However, they’ll also like how they look in glasses, and so will everyone. Find out how to get yourself an appointment on

Charter Bus Rental Cost

You need to charter a rental bus and you are wondering what goes into calculating the cost of your rental. Different companies charge different fees for their charter buses but it is important for you to know what they take into account to come up with the final figure so that you can avoid paying more than you ought to. Here is what the average bus company will take into account when they are renting out a charter bus:
The destination
This is calculated in terms of the distance travelled and the amount of time that the bus will be gone from the company lot. If, for example, you will be travelling a short distance but there is lots of traffic you may find that you pay more or less the same as if you were travelling further in relatively thin traffic. Idling in traffic takes time and consumes fuel so you will be charged for both of these. If you don’t plan to use your bus after you arrive at your destination you can ask to be dropped off and picked up later – it will help lower your costs.
The kind of bus
There are different kinds of buses that are available for hire. Some of them will seat as few as 12 people, and these are cheap, while some take as many as 57. The types also vary depending on the level of luxury. If you are renting a school bus you will find that it is much cheaper than renting a party bus.
When will you need the bus?
Like with all other services, if you require a bus at peak times you will pay more than if you need one off-peak. If, for example, you rent a bus in summer when there are lots of tourists around you will pay more than if you rent one in the winter.
Check for more information on charter bus rental cost.

Mobile crane companies

When it comes to the best mobile crane companies RJ Crane Hire is a cut above the rest. What makes RJ Crane Hire the best in the business? Well, let’s start with their experience. With nearly 50 years in the industry, there are few, if any, other crane hire companies out there that can come close to their experience. Speaking of that experience, they haven’t been in business for this long for no reason. They’ve been in business this long because they know what they are doing. They provide outstanding service to go along with all of that experience, making them the obvious choice for anyone that has need of a crane for a short period of time or for a long period of time.
What else makes RJ Crane Hire the best option when it comes to hiring a crane company? How about the fact that they only hire the most highly experienced crane operators, and they ensure that they continue to be the best in the business by making ongoing training a priority. Mobile cranes present unique challenges since they are huge, powerful machines that the operator will be driving around a job site. These unique challenges mean that the crane operator needs to be more than good at their job, they need to be an expert. At RJ Crane Hire you can rest assured that each and every crane operator on their team are experts that will provide you with safe and reliable service.
When you need a mobile crane company you can settle for any crane company, or you can demand the best. You can demand a crane company that offers superior service, prices, and has a safety record that is above reproach. If this is what you expect from the company you end up hiring, then RJ Crane Hire is the clear choice for you.

Bouquets Can be Large or Small 

The shape of a bridal bouquet will always be very noteworthy. Some of these bouquets are very small and round. Lots of famous bouquets are like this. They have a certain symmetry to them, which is something that a lot of people will find appealing. A smaller bouquet is also easier to carry than a larger bouquet, for many reasons. People might not think that a bouquet would be difficult to carry, but it is still something that people will have to manage during the process of going about the ceremony. The simple little bouquets that people will be able to hold with one hand have a lot of appeal in that way.

However, other people will prefer bouquets that are so large that they will really need two hands in order to hold them. These bouquets might look as if they’re spilling out of the wrapping, even if this is not the case. Bouquets like these will have a really powerful presence, and they will certainly look great in pictures. People will automatically pay attention to bouquets like this, and they have a tendency to make wedding dresses look even better. A large bouquet can be a delightful accessory one way or another, regardless of the type of dress that people choose.

It’s possible to choose a bouquet that will fall somewhere between these two extremes, of course. Some people will choose a bouquet that has a presence, but that is still very dainty and easy to carry. Many bouquets will look broad rather than long, and some of them will create the right balance. Of course, all bouquets are beautiful, and it’s difficult for people to really make a mistake when ordering a bouquet of any kind. They’ll love it, and the bouquet itself should always be memorable.