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Scientific marketing and PR for your medical firm is not something that you should take lightly. You may have made the greatest discoveries but if you don’t have a way to market them they are of no use to you; further yet, they are of no use to the mass market for whom you created them in the first place. You must not confuse medical marketing and PR with ordinary marketing. A medial PR firm comes with some special qualities that you wouldn’t find in other PR firms.
A good medical firm employs marketers who have a strong science background. They are not practising scientists but they understand different fields of medical science. Why is this important? One reason why so many scientific discoveries remain unknown to the world at large is that they are not explained in a way that others can understand. Scientific jargon is not for the average person. You may have the most wonderful discovery but if you can’t explain it it remains of no value. A marketer in a scientific marketing firm knows how to distil the language for the masses.
The other benefit of hiring a medical marketing scientific PR company is that they know all the stakeholders who can help make you a success. You cannot market scientific products through the channels that you use for ordinary products. You need to find companies that are interested in your discovery and who are in a position to sell it on to others. A good science PR firm will know all the right companies and they will also be in touch with the right media houses to help you become a success.
One such agency is KDM Communications. They are based in Cambridgeshire and they have worked with some of the biggest scientific companies in Europe. You can find out to get in touch with them through

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