DWR coating

Why Having a DWR Coating Spray Helps With the Outdoors

DWR fully stands for durable water repellant. It is the acronym used for a special water repellant coating used on outdoor garments or home fabrics. Having a DWR coating over your fabrics has a number of benefits, especially for the outdoors.

Benefits of DWR coating

DWR coating keeps clothes dry by repelling off water. The coating is made from a synthetic polymer that creates tiny hairs on the fabric which act as a barricade. When water hits the surface of a DWR treated fabric, it rolls down in beads preventing the fabric from getting soaked.

The same applies to oil stains, gravy smudges, grass marks, or dust stains. A DWR coating prevents such elements from rubbing off on your clothes.

Why you need DWR coating spray

When waterproof fabric comes fresh from the factories, they already have the durable water repellant layer. Overtime, this layer will wear off due to repeated use of the garment itself. This creates openings that allow water to go through and soak the fabric.

A DWR coating spray helps replenish this protective layer when it wears off. All it takes is spraying the DWR coating on your raincoat or angling gear and give it a few minutes to dry. When it is ready to use, the worn out DWR coating is replaced by a fresh layer.

DWR coating sprays are available in pocket-sized bottles that you can carry around. These bottles come in handy when you only need to reinforce a specific part of your fabric where the DWR coating has worn off. The small DWR spray bottles come with 250mL or 1L refill bottles to replenish your bottle when it runs out.


A DWR coating maintains the waterproof properties of outdoor clothing. Overtime, this protective layer wears off and needs to be replaced. You can do by buying affordable DWR coating sprays online or in physical shops.

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