Cross Linking Reagents

As a European research organization that requires cross linking reagents it is important to find a supplier that you can trust – the chemical composition of such reagents can affect your research if it is off by even a small mark. The best companies are those that have suppliers near you – it makes delivery not only faster but cheaper too. Looking around you will find that there are several suppliers of cross linking reagents but most of them are large companies and being a small research facility they may offer you terms that you are not able to comply with. With a little further research, however, you can find smaller suppliers who are willing and able to work with your research facility. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to source from such a supplier:

•    Because they manufacture cross linking reagents on a smaller scale they are able to pay better attention to the details. You are less likely to have problems with the quality of their products.

•    Your research relies on custom made products, and this can be hard to get from big supplies. They will ask you to pay a premium, and because they have so many customers you may have to wait for your product for a long time. A small supplier, on the other hand, is able to provide their customers with exactly what they need in a short span of time.

•    A small supplier is able to shorten lead time – you will get your orders processed in the shortest possible time. This is not always possible with big companies; in fact, many of them fulfil orders from bigger research facilities before they pay attention to the smaller ones.

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