Cost of Private Hearing Aids

As soon as you find out that you need hearing aids you will want to find out how much they will cost you. In the UK you have two options – you can get them from the NHS or you can use a private practitioner. Many people wonder why anyone would choose to go to a private specialist for something that you can get the government to pay for. The reason why so many people choose private audiologists is because they don’t have to wait – they can be seen right away and fitted with the right hearing aids.
The NHS is backed up; even in fields like audiology where you wouldn’t expect there to be long queues they are there. Often people have to wait for months before they can be fitted with the right hearing devices. Many people also complain that the doctor doesn’t spend enough time with them talking about how they can cope with their new condition. Do not blame the NHS doctor for this – they try to do a lot with the little time that they have. One a given day they may have to see dozens of patients, so it is not feasible that they spend hours with each of them.
This is why many people would rather pay for a private audiologist. Their clinics usually have several highly qualified professionals working at all times so that there are no queues – many times patients can be seen the day after they call for an appointment. The doctors in these clinics are able to spend time with their patients to discuss their treatment options and coping mechanisms that they can use to make life a little easier.
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