Concrete post fencing

By having the concrete posts in your fence, you will have the benefit of improving your security, creating privacy and shelter your garden from external harmful elements. There are various forms that professionals install the concrete fence posts and they include:

•    The common way is to dig a hole and bury them to a minimum of 600mm depth, and the post should be 6 foot high.

•    The servicemen should install the fence posts by use of either the mixture of ballast and cement. The size of the hole dictates the amount of the cement or ballast that is required to fill up the hole and keep the hole firm on the ground.

•    The servicemen can decide to use slotted fence posts which are used with fence panels to support the ground which is on the slopping mode.

•    When it comes to palisade fencing and close board, the timber rails are very useful, and the single rectangular holes are filled with mortced concrete post fencing.

•    For mesh fencing and chainlink, the concrete posts can be used as well.

The installation of concrete gravel boards involves the following steps:

•    Panel fencing: the main work involves installing the panels fencing into slotted posts. They can then be used as the leveling panel after they have been bedded into the concrete that is used to fix the posts.

•    For close board fencing, the gravel boards that are used together with the posts that are morticed are attached by use of push-in cleats which are in the metal compound.

•     The gravel board requires great care because it is delicate and can be damaged by crack because it is often too lengthy and measures about 2.885 metres. The centre stump supports the gravel board centre after the installation. The whole structure is made rigid by the massive support it gets from bottom arris rail which is attached to the centre stump.

Planning for the site is always a very hard task and starts with the levelling of the fence panel. The triangular gap will be the ultimate result when the ground slopes and necessitates that the fence panels is stepped on. You will find the level of the posts to be correct and starting at the top of any post will be easier. We have the required experience and the necessary skills to install the concrete posts in any landscape and at the required time and period that our clients wish to have their fences installed.

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