loft extension

loft extension is a type of interior architecture that has been in practice for a brief time yet it’s becoming very popular. It uses the space above the roof by providing an extension to the building and also has modern features. It’s been designed to offer more living space as well as access to natural light, views, and fresh air. When used properly, loft extension offers practical benefits and better aesthetics for homeowners who may want to add on an extra room or two or need more room for entertaining guests.

To find the right person to handle loft extension, look for a company that has a keen eye for detail and that offers innovative solutions to improve your home.

There are 3 major steps involved in loft conversion. Each step requires attention to see that everything is done properly.

Structural work

The structural work involves the installation of new columns and beams, both internal and external along with fixing the existing ones. The existing structure also needs to be inspected by an expert before planning any refurbishment or addition. The structural work enables the entire loft extension structure to be built up on.

Brickwork and floor structure

The brickwork or concrete slab is the heart of any loft extension. It provides the foundation for all other building work and should be dealt with carefully and in a professional manner. The brickwork is permanent so it needs to be done properly to ensure that it can withstand all weather conditions without cracking or splitting until it’s completely finished. The floor also needs to be dealt with properly. It’s generally built on top of a layer of insulation or high density concrete blocks that act as thermal break and allow the floor to breathe.

Finishing work

This includes plastering, tiling, painting, installed electrical work and other internal decorations needed to make the loft extension a home. All electrical works need to go through inspection before they’re used. Plumbing works are also done at this stage to ensure that water supply is throughout the loft extension.

Tips to choose on best loft extension management.

It is important to choose the best loft extension management. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Look for a company that is registered and certified. Check whether the company provides its email address and a physical address for business. This is important as you need to be able to contact them whenever you have an enquiry or question about your loft extension work. Reaching out to find out more about their service doesn’t cost anything but could save you from making expensive mistakes down the line.

Ask the company how long they have been in business. Experience comes with good knowledge. This makes it easier for the company to give their customers what they need and even exceed their expectations. If a company has been around for a while, it probably means that they offer great customer service and might even be cheaper than their newly established counterparts.

Look for a company that offers free quotations on loft conversion requirements.

See to it that the company is insured and accredited to handle installation of loft extensions.


loft extension is something that everyone should know about. It is one solution for your home which will make it more attractive and comfortable at the same time. It is a way of making the home more functional by adding new spaces and can also be used to make your house more attractive.

Surrey lofts conversion specialists to the core satisfaction

Planning for home renovation work is a vital task of many individuals across the globe. There are plenty of individuals who plan to utilize extra place in the house usefully. Effective utilization of unused space in a professional way is the major advantage of hiring professionals by an individual. Yes, if you aim at improving the vision and value of your house through renovation tasks, call Surrey Lofts Company for help. The company fulfills the desire and demand of the customers to a great extent. Not even a slight hesitation is required by the customer for contacting the Surrey Lofts company. The reason is that the surrey lofts work to the maximum satisfaction of the customers.

How surrey lofts conversion specialists satisfy the customers?

  • Mind-blowing customer satisfaction by the loft conversion specialist is achieved by the following factors.
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  • The team of the company is well versed, experienced and above all understand the expectations of the customers. So, they value the money spent by the customers to the core.
  • The team of Surrey Lofts Company helps customers by arranging approvals from the council for renovation tasks.
  • The company offers professional architectural design certified by RIBA to the customers.
  • The quality of the home renovation task is checked by the team of builders by visiting the working spot. The team checks the progress and quality of the customers.
  • Independent Party Wall Surveyor agreement is arranged by the company for the customers.
  • Above all, separate contract managers are available at the working spot. These managers simplify the task of customers to the core. The customers can communicate directly to the head office for their clarification with the help of these managers.

Friendly company to the customer

The company arranges a complete package for the customer after finishing the renovation work. The package consists of certificates that are required for the customer.

The main success of the company

Not only the above features, but the quality work of the company is the main success of Surrey loft Conversion Company. The company deals with the customer so friendly and simple. The motto of the company is to make a customer comfortable and hassle-free in all aspects.

Image of the customer

Surrey loft group limited company enhances the home value further by their dedicated work. They work with all efforts to lift the image of the customer.

Know the benefits of hiring loft conversion builders for your project

When you need additional space for accommodating the need of your family then you should opt for loft conversion so that you will get amazing transformation of your living space. But for this you will need to hire loft conversion builders who will assist you with successful completion of the home renovation project. They are experienced in handling all kind of projects for making sure that you will get additional living space. There is no need to worry about losing valuable space around your property when you can easily convert it into a loft. Even the unused space around your property will be put into maximum use so that you will not have to compromise on the space. The extra space that you will get will make your property more comfortable so that the growing needs of your family will be fulfilled. You will get a hassle free project that will be completed with the assistance of the builder so that you will get the best results from the project.

There are many benefits of hiring loft conversion builders and the most important benefit is that you will get assistance of experienced professionals who will help you to complete the project in a successful manner. They will also offer you a large number of options for making sure that your property can be used for creating an extra bedroom, bedroom, living room or office. The selection of the extra space will be done according to the growing needs of your family members so that you will get the best kind of living space. While helping you live in a larger and more spacious home, you will also enjoy an increased value of your property so that you will get the best returns on your investment. There are different kinds of loft conversion projects that you can consider so that you will get something that will meet your requirements. Relocation is a costly option because the value of the property is increasing with each passing day. This is the reason why you should consider loft conversion as it will you to enjoy living at your place so that there will not be any hassles of buying property or moving out.

Loft conversion is a more feasible option where you can get additional space so that your home will become larger so that it will meet the needs of your family. The loft conversion is easy option than moving to a new home so that you will not face any kind of inconvenience. Thus, for a successful project, you will need to look for professionals who will help you in building a loft according to your preferences. The loft conversions are specialists who will undertake all kind of projects so that you will enjoy living in the desired kind of project. They will also offer you different design option for making sure that your home will get the most innovative and attractive looking design. Hence, you need to look for a reliable and reputable builder who will assist you with a good quality project according to your needs.