Floor Store Cambridge

For homeowners who are looking forward to updating their residential properties with new carpets and flooring materials, we are here to supply them with the best. We have been working with all residents of Cambridge and the local area to provide them with high-quality flooring carpets that are available in various prices and choices.

We also target commercial clients who are looking forward to enhancing their offices and working areas to modern standards.

Our company has been in existence for so many years, and we have gained the relevant knowledge and experience needed to carry out this business. Our primary goal is to offer quality services that are accompanied with a full percentage customer satisfaction. It does not really matter which service you need, as long as it involves flooring and carpeting, we are the perfect company you need. We effectively served clients who wanted to cover their showrooms, concert halls, lounges, and reception areas among others.

Through the years we have been serving the residents of Cambridge, we have managed to cut across to all neighbourhoods and attend to different flooring needs all over this great city. This has enabled us to make a name amongst our clients who are growing each and every day.

We have a fully trained team of professional fitters whom we have been working with since the inception of this company.

The extensive knowledge and experience that they have gained in all these years are just one of the reasons why you need to come to our business for any floor related problem. We have the right expertise that is required to carry out any flooring project that you might be interested in. It does not really matter what your exact need might be; whether you are looking for a new wooden flooring, vinyl or a new carpet, we have the right team who will ensure that all your needs are addressed in the most appropriate way. We have all that it takes to fit a new floor with a top-notch finish.

If you need to create a new space, we are here to make it appear as beautiful as possible. We will provide a free estimation and measuring services so that you can have the right fit for your space.

Some of the amazing services and products that we specialise in are

·         Luxury vinyl flooring

·         Premium quality carpets

·         Vinyl flooring

·         Natural flooring

·         Hardwood and laminate among others.

Get in touch with us for any flooring issue within Cambridge and the surrounding areas.