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What criteria should you take into account when you are hiring a Cambridge construction company? You have heard the horror stories – a contractor who comes in promising all sorts of things only for them to inflate costs, delay projects or even disappear altogether. Whether you are doing something as simple as a loft conversion or a home extension you cannot afford to hire a contractor who comes with any of these risks. What should you do to make sure that you get the best? Here are some tips:
•    You should look at the projects that the contractor has done in the past year. Find out whether there were any problems that were experienced during the completion of those projects and how they were dealt with. Talk with the homeowners themselves.
•    You are better off hiring a company rather than choosing a one-man show. These are people who travel around on their vans or pickups looking for work, and they often get it because they are cheaper than companies that have offices and employees. A lone wolf is more likely to land you in trouble than a company that has a reputation to protect.
•    You should be looking for a contractor who has been in business for at least 10 years, longer if possible. The longer a contractor has been around, the more likely they are to be reliable. That said, make sure that they keep up with modern methods of construction.
•    You should find out whether the contractor plans to subcontract. One of the most common reasons for litigation against contractors is subcontracted work.
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